Charlie Kane awarded Dirac Medal

Prof. Charlie Kane is a winner of this year's Dirac Medal and Prize, one of the top prizes in theoretical physics internationally.

The citation is as follows:

2012 Glenn Brown Dissertation Prize

Sabetta Matsumoto (formerly with the Kamien group) wins 2012 Glenn Brown Dissertation Prize of the International Liquid Crystal Society for highly creative application of analytical mathematics combined with deep geometric insight to an especially interesting variety of problems in liquid crystal physics. She will receive the award in August in Mainz, Germany. 

Charlie Kane Named a Simons Investigator

Charlie Kane has been honored by being named a Simons Investigator in the inaugural year of the program by the Simons Foundation. The award, which starts on August 1, is accompanied by $660,000 in funding over a five-year period.

Explaining the Higgs Boson

In a Philadelphia Daily News Q&A, Penn physicist Gino Segre explains the Higgs boson. Penn has been deeply involved in the search for the elusive particle.

At 1pm on Tuesday, July 17, Prof. Segre will conduct a live chat on

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New Boson Discovered at CERN

By combining the work of two research teams, ATLAS and CMS, CERN has announced the discovery of a new boson with a mass between 125-126 GeV/c2 at a confidence level that leaves the chance of random events faking the discovery at less than 1 in 10 million.

Mirjam Cvetic

Mirjam Cvetic, Lindback Award & Ira H. Abrams Memorial Award for Distinguished Teaching

2012 Graduation

Jennifer Dailey SAS Graduation Student Speaker

Drndic & Shepard Nature Methods: New Integrated Platform Paves the Way to Cheaper, Faster DNA Sequencing

Penn Physics and Engineering researchers measure single molecules faster and with less error than can be achieved with commercial instruments. "We combined the most sensitive electronics with the most sensitive solid-state nanopores," says Drndic.

Read the article abstract in Nature Methods.

Classical Mechanics: a Critical Introduction

Emeritus Prof. Michael Cohen has posted his recently completed text on Classical Mechanics (introductory level- suitable for students in Ph1 or 150).Emeritus Prof. Michael Cohen has posted his recently completed text on Classical Mechanics (introductory level- suitable for students in Ph1 or 150). The file may be helpful to many students as a supplement to the official text and lectures.

For more information on this text please visit this page.