Post-doctoral Fellow, Toen Castle, to Give Us an Introduction to Kirigami

Kirigami is the cool and lazy cousin of origami – where you use cutting and rejoining as well as folding to create a 3D structure from a flat 2D sheet.

Toen will give a hands-on lesson in the theory of kirigami with examples of seaweed, balloons, soccer balls and tiling patterns, and you will put the ideas into practice with your own cutting and folding. You’ll learn to identify and create the different kinds of curvature that a surface can have. Along the way you’ll accidentally learn some mathematics in a tactile way, hopefully without realizing it. There will be no formulas, unless you ask for them.

Check out the wonderful science of Kirigami led by Instructor Toen Castle at this Family Friendly event! For tickets and info, visit


Event Info

3711 Market Street

Ground Floor
Philadelphia, PA

Tues. February 24, 2015

7-9pm; $5

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