Allen Mogul Construction
by a first time builder

The chassis to date

Construction began in Nov. 1998 when the kits arrived. My partner Paul Miller and I decided to start with the tenders. We had many stories about other builders who made beautiful locos and had to wait until the tender was finished or whacked together a crude one, never to be totally finished. We have the frames and trucks done , and purchased two tender kits form LocoParts .

The frames were purchased from Bob Holder at Rogers-Cooke Locomotive.

The Spring Rigging is complete.

The Valve Gear is about half done.

The Cylinders and Smoke Box Saddle were farmed out to a friend who has a CNC Mill in his basement shop.

Started the Brake Rigging .

Updates to this page will be made when I have time. Progress continues, but life is busy right now. Please email if you have any questions or comments.

Thanks for stopping by.

Buddy Borders

March 22, 2003