Glad Rags

by MacDonald Harris. Brownsville, Oregon: Story Line Press, 1991.

From the Jacket:

This fifteenth novel by Harris is at once a comedy and a drama of keenest pathos, a story that explores one of the most enduring mysteries of life--women as seen by men.

Middle-aged publisher Ben Gavilan falls in love with Cecelia Penn, a talented harpsichordist, student, and waitress he meets in a hotel in the Sierras. Returning to Santa Barbara, Gavilan introduces Cecilia to his friends in the Trigorin set, a group of people as sinister and fascinating as any you'll meet in the best Russian novels. Glad Rags ends in a way that none of us suspects at the outset. Sexy, humorous, and dramatic, Glad Rags is a love story told by a master.

Critical Acclaim for Glad Rags:

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