by MacDonald Harris.

New York: Atheneum Publishers, 1982. Also London: Jonathan Cape, 1983; London, Galileo Publishers, 2014.

From the Jacket:

In his new novel, the author of Herma displays another aspect of his delightfully unlimited imagination, this time with a time-machine voyage back to the Hollywood of the Twenties.

The time-traveler is the wealthy young dilettante Alys, who accepts the invitation of a stranger to "get you into pictures" and suddenly finds himself behind the move screen in the black-and-white world we see in the Silents--a Los Angeles precisely as it was sixty years ago, where love is the only subject matter but passion can be expressed only within the censor's strict limits, where neither love nor death can last beyond the moment when the director says "Print that!" Alys's love for the glamorous and elusive Moira Silver leads him inevitably to want to break out of this artificial world with her, back to the garishly colorful Los Angeles of our own time.

Screenplay is a novel as hauntingly erotic as it is brilliantly imaginative--a mysterious and captivating novel that, while unique in itself, shares the magic of John Fowles's The Magus, Nabakov's Pale Fire, and Jack Finney's Time and Again.

Critical Acclaim for Screenplay:

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