David Nelson

“From ε to δ-hedra”
A conference to celebrate
David Nelson’s first 60 years

8 January 2011, Flug Forum
Aspen Center for Physics, Aspen, CO


Confirmed Speakers include:

Fran├žoise Brochard, Institut Curie
Curtis Callan, Princeton University
Bertrand Halperin, Harvard University
Stanislas Leibler, Rockefeller/Institute for Advanced Study
Tom Lubensky, University of Pennsylvania
Robert Meyer, Brandeis University
Wim van Saarloos, FOM
Paul Steinhardt, Princeton University

Organizers: Terry Hwa, Randy Kamien, Cherry Murray, Subir Sachdev, Vincenzo Vitelli

Registration for the celebration (including banquet) will be through the
housing site for the Aspen Winter Conference, "Materials and the Imagination", 3-7 January 2011.
Participants in the Aspen Winter Conference will automatically be registered for this event.

We gratefully acknowledge funding from:

Contact: Randy Kamien

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