Astrophysical/Nuclear Physics Explanations

There is clearly a discrepancy between the existing data and the predictions of the standard solar model (SSM). One can consider nonstandard solar models (NSSM), which differ by significant changes in the input parameters or due to the inclusion of additional effects not included in the SSM. However, it is difficult to account for the data by purely astrophysical and/or nuclear physics explanations, because they generally predict a larger suppression of the higher energy B-8 neutrinos compared to the Be-7 neutrinos, since the B-8 is made after and from Be-7.

Analyses have been made of generic cool sun models; models with lower nuclear cross sections ; and of explicit nonstandard models . More generally, one can make a model independent analysis of essentially all NSSM by allowing the magnitudes of each flux component to be a free parameter. One can also use the observed Kamiokande rate to predict the rates observed in the gallium experiments.

Naoya Hata (; Paul Langacker (