Supernovae from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey

Part of the images of all the supernovae from the 2005-2007 observing campaigns of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey.


MRSEC Research at Penn

The P&A department plays a large role in the Laboratory for Research on the Structure of Matter (LRSM). One focus of LRSM research between faculty from different departments and schools is soft matter and how it conforms, assembles, and reconfigures in response to the geometry and chemistry of bounding surfaces and interfaces.


Outreach Effort for Penn Physics and Astronomy

At the Penn Summer Science Academy (PSSA) students listen to a lecture, delivered from CERN by Professor Elliot Lipeles, on the discovery of a Higgs-like particle the day after the international announcement.


MicroRNA and Nanopores

Dr. Meni Wanunu, Prof. Marija Drndic and others at Penn have used solid state nanopores to study microRNA. Target microRNA strands (blue) from living tissue are hybridized with a probe RNA sequence (red). These RNA duplexes are then collected by magnetic beads (orange) that are coated with a p19 protein (green).  The RNA duplexes are then removed from the proteins and delivered to the nanopore.


Penn Summer Science Academy in Experimental Physics

PSSA - Experimental Physics is a four week program that focuses on modern physics with an emphasis on hands-on experience and laboratory work. There is no requirement of a previous physics course, although typically about half of our students have taken one prior to attending PSSA.