A.T. Charlie Johnson

Director, Nano/Bio Interface Center
DRL 2N13d
(215) 898-6231
(215) 898-9325
Fax: (215) 898-2010


  • Director, Nano/Bio Interface Center (2014-)
  • Professor of Physics, University of Pennsylvania (2008-)
  • Associate Professor of Physics, University of Pennsylvania (2001-2008)
  • At University of Pennsylvania since 1994
  • National Research Council Postdoctoral Fellow, National Institute for Standards and Technology (1992-93)
  • ESPRIT Postdoctoral Fellow, Delft University of Technology (1990-92)  



Ph.D, Harvard (1990)
B.S., Stanford University (1984) 

Research Interests: 

Our group is interested in the nanometer-scale transport properties (charge, energy, spin, ...) of molecular and super-molecular systems. These systems are of rising interest both from the technological (possible future nanoelectronics!) and fundamental points of view. In order to study the electronic properties, we must first connect nanometer size objects to the outside world. To this end we use a variety of nanofabrication techniques including optical lithography, electron beam lithography, thin film deposition and etching approaches. Much of our work relies on facilities in the University of Pennsylvania Micro/NanoFabrication Laboratory. Once we have a molecular circuit, we measure its properties using a variety of techniques including: low-temperature magnetotransport, thermal conductivity measurement, and hybrid scanning probe techniques that let us measure local electronic properties with nanometer-scale resolution.

Selected Publications: 

Biomimetic Chemical Sensors Using Nanoelectronic Readout of Olfactory Receptor Proteins,

B.R. Goldsmith, J. J. Mitala, H. Josue, A. Castro, M. B. Lerner, T. H. Bayburt, S. M. Khamis, R. A. Jones, J. G. Brand, S. G. Sligar, C. W. Luetje, A. Gelperin, P. A. Rhodes, B. M. Disher, A. T. C. Johnson, ACS Nano. 5, 5408-5416 (2011)

Graphene-Protein Biolectronic Devices with Wavelength-Dependent Photoresponse,

Y. Lu, M. B. Lerner, Z. L. Qi, J. J. Mitala, J. H. Lim, B. M. Discher, A. T. C. Johnson, APL (2012)


Growth Mechanism of Hexagonal-Shape Graphene Flakes with Zigzag Edges,

Z. Lou, S. Kim, N. Kawamoto, A. M. Rappe, A. T. C. Johnson, ACS Nano. (2011)


Hybrids of a Geneticall Engineered Antibody and a Carbon Nanotube Transistor for Detection of Prostate Cancer Biomarkers, M. B. Lerner, J. D'Souza, T. Pazina, J. Dailey, B. R. Goldsmith, M. K. Robinson, A. T. C. Johnson, ACS Nano. (2012)

Courses Taught: 

Phys 501 - Intro to Research

Other Affiliations: 

Secondary Appointments:

Electrical and Systems Engineering

Materials Science and Engineering