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*** There are three new job announcements, two for early 2015, the other for fall semester 2015. ***

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Third Free Workshop at LaSalle University

This hands-on workshop, on Waves, Light, and Sound, will be held on Saturday, April 25, at LaSalle University.

Presenters: Bill Berner, Jay Bagley, Barry Feierman, and Bob Schwartz.
Sponsors: Saint Joseph’s University, LaSalle University, SEPS AAPT, and the Philadelphia Regional Noyce Partnership.

Click here to register (be sure to register by April 10).

The first two workshops covered Motion and Forces (October 4, 2014) and Energy and Thermodynamics (February 28, 2015). Click here to see Bill Berner's photos from the October 4 workshop. Click here to see Barry's slideshow of these photos.


The 2015 Spring Meeting was held March 6-7, 2015, at Swarthmore College. Click here to see the flyer.

Saturday, October 18

This year’s Fall Demo Day was held at East High School in West Chester, PA, starting at 9:00 with a light breakfast and conversation with area Physics teachers, followed by presentations of 5- to 10-minute demonstrations that can liven up your classes. Click here for a slideshow of photos put together by Barry Feierman.

These annual Fall Demo Days are a fun opportunity for physics teachers to gather and share their favorite class-room demonstrations. Past Demo Days have presented a range of demonstrations, from those using everyday items, like popcorn and broken glass, to technology that can show students how to measure the speed of light. Attendees need bring nothing more than a love for Physics, but all are welcome to bring and share their unique ways of demonstrating physics concepts.

2014 Spring Meeting at Villanova

Click here to see the program

The SEPA Spring Meeting was held March 21-22 at Villanova University.

Friday evening invited speaker: Edward Guinan, Villanova

Saturday morning invited speaker: Michael Brown, Swarthmore College.

Saturday afternoon workshops: "The Evolution of Introductory Physics Labs" panel discussion facilitated by Barry Feierman; "Math and Sustainability" led by Victor Donnay, Bryn Mawr College.

Plus: Friday night banquet, contributed papers and demos, business meeting, lunchtime poster sessions, Friday night observing and Saturday informal tours of Villanova physics labs.

Edward Guinan's Friday talk, To Boldly Go?

Handout from Harriet Slogoff's Electric Force demo.

Barry's slides from Saturday's program and workshops.

Free Physics Workshops at LaSalle

SEPS AAPT, in collaboration with LaSalle University, offered a series of three free physics workshops for science teachers on Saturday mornings in January, February, and April 2014.

Click here for a slideshow of the January 25 workshop, Teaching Electricity and Magnetism: An Inquiry Approach.

Click here for a slideshow of the February 22 workshop, Teaching Waves, Sound, and Light: An Inquiry Approach.

Click here for a slideshow of the April 5 workshop, Use of Data Collection Technological Tools, Probeware, and Video Analysis in Teaching Physics. Click here for the worksheet from the "Five Laws in Five Seconds for Five Dollars" lab.

See the above notice for information about the next series of free workshops (October 2014, February 2015, and April 2015 at Saint Joseph's University).

2014 Physics Demonstration Show at Penn

The University of Pennsylvania Department of Physics and Astronomy presented its annual Holiday Demonstration Show on Monday and Tuesday, January 13 & 14, 2014. Click here to see the announcement.

Video from this event now available here.

2013 Fall Demo Show

The SEPA Fall Demo Show took place on Friday, October 11, at Sun Valley High School, Aston, PA. Click here for a summary of the demos. Click here for Barry's photos.

2013 Spring Meeting at Drexel

The SEPA Spring Meeting was held on Friday, April 26 and Saturday, April 27, at Drexel University. This was a joint meeting with Society of Physics Students (SPS) Zone 3, on the theme of "Communicating Physics".

Click here to see Barry Feierman's photos of some of the speakers, and here to see a lot more photos from the meeting.

Here are links to view or download some of the talks:

Click here for the complete program (pdf file), which includes abstracts of the workshops and talks.

Physics Demonstration Show at Penn

The University of Pennsylvania Department of Physics and Astronomy presented its annual Holiday Demonstration Show on Monday and Tuesday, January 7 & 8, 2013. Click here to see the announcement.

SEPA 2012 Fall Demo Day

The SEPA Fall Demo Day took place on Saturday October 27, 2012, at Harriton High school in Rosemont, PA. Click here to see the announcement. Click here to see some photos. Click here for descriptions of the demos (Just added!).

Two New PTRA Workshops

These two PTRA workshops are offered by the Central Pennsylvania Section of AAPT.

Kinematic Measurement: Simple to Complex at Misericordia University, Friday, November 16, 2012.

Electronic and Digital Resources for Physics Teaching at Millersville University, Friday, March 8, 2013.

National AAPT Meeting in Philadelphia

The 2012 National AAPT Summer Meeting was held July 28 - August 1 at the University of Pennsylvania.

2012 Spring Meeting at St. Joseph University

The Spring Meeting, "Growing Your Physics Program", was held March 30 and 31 at St. Joseph University. Friday evening featured a delicious meal and our guest speaker, Robert C. Hillborn, who spoke on "How to Grow Your High School or Undergraduate Physics Program." Saturday morning's program included two invited talks, several contributed papers and demonstrations, and the annual SEPS AAPT members' meeting. After lunch, the members attended one of two workshops.

Click here for a detailed summary of the meeting.

2011 Fall Demo Night at Malvern Prep

Fall Demo Night was held Friday, October 7 at Malvern Prep School. Click here for a summary of the event and Barry's demo. Click here to see some photos.

2011 Spring meeting at University of the Sciences

The 2011 Spring meeting was held at University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, on Friday and Saturday, April 1 and 2.

Friday, April 1
After registration and dinner in the STC Atrium, we gathered for the invited talk, "Human vision and the nature of light" given by Prof. Phillip Nelson, University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Phillip Nelson introduced and elaborated on the remarkable fact that the human eye contains receptors capable of detecting a single photon. Through an array of captivating visuals, Dr. Nelson illustrated that it has become possible to measure the tiny currents from individual rod and cone cells as they are stimulated with flashes of light, from this, be able to measure their complete spectral response curves hence quantifying Thomas Young's 3-color theory.

Saturday morning
After a continental breakfast, the SEPS AAPT meeting resumed in the Pharmacology Toxicology Center at the University of the Sciences. Drs. D. Nyamjav and Sergio Freire, University of the Sciences introduced the topic, Nanotechnology. These talks were designed to provide a brief overview of Nanoscience and technology, the challenges, the successes and breakthroughs, and how it can affect our daily lives or the future. After these guest speakers had finished, two parallel sessions on contributed papers and demonstrations took place. One of the parallel sessions further developed nanotechnology; the other one focused on a variety of high school physics concepts and demonstrations. Click here for a list of contriputed papers.

Saturday afternoon
Following lunch and the SEPS AAPT business meeting and prize giveaways, the Spring Meeting resumed at the STC building, with two workshops held simultaneously. There was a nanotechnology workshop hosted by Drs. Julie Nucci and Jim Overhiser from Cornell University including two short activities based on the nanoscale and powers of ten followed by participants simulating a topographic scanner; an AFM (Atomic Force Microscopy) lab developed by the CNS Institute for Physics Teachers. The second workshop given by Barry Feierman (Westtown School) and Bill Berner (University of Pennsylvania) was on probeware; offering hands-on participation on the use of a variety of Vernier and Pasco probes. Click here to download a PowerPoint presentation from the probeware workshop.

Click here to see a selection of photos from the meeting.

2010 Fall Demo Night

The annual SEPS AAPT Demo night was hosted this year at Pope John Paul High School, Royersford by the SEPS Vice-President, Mary Sevon. The evening began with a delicious dinner where new and veteran members of the SEPS networked. We had quite a few new members who had attended the "Teaching Physics for the First or Fifty First Time" workshop held at La Salle on Saturday, October 9, 2010 in attendance at Demo night.

A variety of demonstrations ranging from mechanics to light were shared by seven members of SEPS. The "Law of Inertia" demonstration was a simply constructed apparatus which could be used to show the relationship between period and mass. A clip from the National Geographic documentary on the humming bird was used to introduce and discuss physics' concepts of sound, loss of energy, and iridescence. An array of experiments using lasers, "lights you can't see," was shown to the group; one in particular was using an infrared laser to burst an inflated black balloon inside an inflated transparent balloon.

The evening ended at around 9:00 pm, and SEPS members had quite a few new ideas to take home to the classroom. A big thank you goes to Mary Sevon for putting this very successful evening together.

Job Openings

There are three new job announcements:
  • Leap Academy University Charter School in Camden seeks Physics Teacher for remainder of school year.
  • Penn State Abington seeks part-time Physics instructors for Spring 2015
  • Germantown Academy seeks Upper-School Physics Teacher for Fall 2015
Older job announcements (most recent first):
  • Full-time substitute Physics / Physical Science teacher at St. Joseph's Prep in Philadelphia, to start immediately
  • Physics / Physical Science teacher at Clearview Regional High School District, Mullica Hill, NJ
  • Physics teacher at Malvern Prep, to start September 2015
  • Haverford College seeks a part-time course assistant for an undergraduate who is blind.
  • Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Physics, Penn State Harrisburg
  • Physics Teacher at West Chester Area School District
  • Physics Adjunct Instructor at Jefferson Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
  • Physics Teacher at Episcopal Academy
  • FAME Delaware Seeks Part-time Science Teachers
  • Secondary Physics Teacher at Mastery Charter Schools
Click here for details and contact information.

If you know of a job to be posted, or if a position listed here has been filled, please send the information to mtakats -at-

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We have Spring and Fall meetings, demo nights, and can provide lots of information and tips on teaching and physics.

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