Physical models of living systems (WH Freeman and Co, December 2014).


Biological Physics: Energy, Information, Life: With new art by David Goodsell (WH Freeman and Co, 2014).

"This book inspired me to write [my] book in the first place. Biological Physics is the most interesting and well-written textbook I have ever read." -- Peter M. Hoffman, Life's Ratchet
This 5th printing differs from the 4th by the updating of many of the beautiful drawings by David Goodsell. It also differs from the 3d and earlier printings by the addition of many new homework problems. It is available in the usual places, or from the publisher.

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Many causes have moved me to write the present Tract... The principall of which Causes hath been the Intimation of your Highness, having commended to me Writing, as a singular means to make true known from false, reall from apparent Reasons, farr better than by Disputing vocally, where the one or the other, or very often both the Disputants, through too greate heate, or exalting of the voyce, either are not understood, or else being transported by ostentation of not yielding to one another, farr from the first Proposition, with the novelty, of the various Proposals, confound both themselves and their Auditors." -- Galileo Galilei, Discourse on bodies of water (1612)

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