Penn’s prime Philadelphia location gives university students, faculty, and staff a unique opportunity to engage with a diverse group of students and community members across the greater Philadelphia area. Penn Physics & Astronomy graduate students are involved in several programs including mentorship of high-schoolers at Philadelphia’s Science Leadership Academy and giving “careers in science” talks and workshops at various high schools. A comprehensive list of outreach opportunities in the Penn community can be found using the Science Outreach Initiative’s STEM Outreach Matrix.

If you are interested in bringing Penn physicists or astronomers to your classroom or community center, contact penn.phys.astro.epo@gmail.com or use the form linked here.

Other resources and events for teachers include NSF-RET and Quarknet:


RET is a program for high-school teachers sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and organized at Penn by the Laboratory on the Research of the Structure of Matter (LRSM).

Learn more about NSF-RET here.


QuarkNet is a six-week+ program for four local high-school students and one local high-school teacher/mentor to work with the High Energy Physics experimental group to build and use particle detectors. The program is very hands-on with lots of electronics, detectors, software and firmware.

Information on the Penn program plus application information is available here.

Information on the program at the national level plus interesting background material on particle physics is available at: http://quarknet.fnal.gov/