Equal Opportunity Policies and Procedures

Affirmative Action

"The mission of the Office of Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Programs is to provide central leadership and support for the University's efforts to achieve an educational and work environment that is diverse in race, ethnicity, interests, abilities and perspectives. It conducts impartial investigation of complaints of harassment and other forms of prohibited discrimination and recommending corrective or disciplinary action when appropriate."

[ http://www.upenn.edu/affirm-action/ ]


"The Ombudsman's Office assists members of the Penn community in navigating the University, especially when they find that traditional paths have been unhelpful or unsatisfactory."

[ http://www.upenn.edu/ombudsman/ ]

The Faculty Senate

"The Faculty Grievance Procedure is available to any member of the standing faculty, standing faculty-clinician-educator, associated faculty, academic support staff, or compensated emeritus faculty at the University of Pennsylvania.

[ http://www.upenn.edu/faculty_senate/grievance.html ]