Physics and Astronomy Professors Awarded for Distinguished Teaching 2017

The College of Arts and Sciences recognizes the exemplary performance of teaching excellence and committment toward the education of our students. A warm congratulations to Professors Evelyn Thomson and Cullen Blake on being honored as recipients of 2017 awards for distinguished teaching! 

Prof. Evelyn Thomson is the recipient of The Ira H. Abrams Memorial Award for Distinguished Teaching for Faculty in the School of Arts and Sciences. This award is the School of Arts and Sciences' highest teaching honor, and seeks to recognize teaching that is intellectually rigorous and exceptionally coherent and that leads to an informed understanding of a discipline. Recipients of the Ira Abrams Memorial Award are expected to embody high standards of integrity and fairness, to have a strong commitment to learning, and to be open to new ideas. 

Prof. Cullen Blake is the recipient of The Dean's Award for Distinguished Teaching by an Assistant Professor  in the School of Arts and Sciences. This award is given to assistant professors who show unusual promise as teachers/scholars.