September 21-25 is Climate Week at Penn!

The long list of events is listed here: 

The EES department will be hosting 2 separate events next week:

On Tuesday 22nd, 10:30am-12pm, I will be hosting Anne Berg (history dept) to talk about “White nationalism in the Age of Climate Change”. The link to the event and more details are here:

On Friday Sept 25th our departmental Colloquium will become part of Climate Week. Our own Jim Hagan will talk about “Climate Change Science, Impacts and Opportunities” (3 - 4:30pm). The moderator will be Jane Dmochowski. The link to the event is here:

Hope to see you at these events and the many others planned for Climate week at Penn! This will include 1.5 minute climate lectures with faculty, 1.5min lectures with students, a discussion on how we can reduce our Carbon Footprint at home, a discussion with the lead US negotiator of the Paris climate agreement ( and many other exciting events.


Faculty - perhaps you can incorporate some of these exciting events into your classes of that week?

here’s a toast to saving the planet!


Irina Marinov
Associate Prof, ocean and climate modeling
Dept of Earth and Environmental Science
University of Pennsylvania