Eleni Katifori

Eleni Katifori
Standing Faculty

Assistant Professor

(215) 746-1205

Research Areas: Biophysics, Condensed Matter



Fellow at the Center for Physics and Biology, Rockefeller University 2008-2012

Max Planck Research Group Leader at the MPI for Dynamics and Self-Organization, Goettingen, Germany 2012-2014



B.A. University of Athens, Greece 2002

Ph.D. Physics, Harvard University, 2008


Research Interests

My interests are in the subjects of topology, function and development of biological distribution networks, elasticity and mechanics of thin cells, pattern formation.

Selected Publications
  1. Ronellenfitsch, H., Liesche J., Jensen K. H., Holbrook N. M., Schulz A., and Katifori E.. "Scaling of phloem structure and optimality of photoassimilate transport in conifer needles." Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B: Biological Sciences 282, no. 1801 (2015): 20141863.
  2. Manik D., Witthaut D., Schafer B., Matthiae M., Sorge A., Rohden, Katifori E., and Timme M., ”Supply networks: Instabilities without overload”, Eur Phys J Special Topics (2014) 
  3. Couturier, E., Dumais, J., Cerda, E. and Katifori, E.* "Folding of an opened spherical shell." Soft Matter (2013), 9, 8359, 
  4. Jordan D., Kuehn S., Katifori E., and Leibler S., "Behavioral diversity in microbes and low- dimensional phenotypic spaces", PNAS (2013) 
  5. Katifori E. and Magnasco M.O., “Quantifying loopy network architectures”, PLoS ONE, 7, e37994 (2012) 
  6. Schroll Robert D. , Katifori E., and Davidovitch Benny, “Elastic building blocks for cofined sheets”, PRL , 106, 074301 (2011)
    cover of PRL 
  7. Katifori E., Szollosi G. J. and Magnasco M. O., “Damage and fluctuations induce loops in optimal transport networks” ,PRL 104, 048704 (2010)
    cover of PRL 
  8. Katifori E., Alben S., Cerda E., Nelson D. R. and Dumais J., “Foldable Structures and the Natural Design of Pollen Grains”, PNAS 107, 7635-7639 (2010)
    cover of PNAS