Jonathan Heckman

Jonathan Heckman
Standing Faculty

Associate Professor

Research Areas: High Energy Theory

(215) 573-9070

DRL 4N45

  • Associate Professor at Penn (2020 - )
  • Assistant Professor at Penn (2017 - 2020)
  • Assistant Professor at UNC Chapel Hill (2014 - 2017)
  • Ph.D. Harvard 2009 
  • A.M. Harvard 2005
  • A.B. Princeton 2004
Research Interests

My research centers on theoretical high energy physics. The broad questions my work aims to address are:

What is quantum field theory, and what are its limitations as a tool in describing Nature? 

What are the building blocks of matter and spacetime?

String theory provides a promising way to address these issues since it is the only known viable approach to unifying quantum theory with gravity.

Currently, my efforts are concentrated in three directions:

1) The study of quantum field theory using the extra dimensions of string theory.

2) The study of formal and phenomenological aspects of string compactification, and in particular F-theory.

3) Conceptual questions connected with the embedding of field theoretic UV cutoffs in string theory.

Courses Taught

Physics 6632 (formerly 632); Relativistic Quantum Field Theory, Spring 2022, Spring 2023

Physics 6601 (formerly 601); Introduction to Field Theory, Fall 2018, Fall 2019, Fall 2020, Fall 2021, Fall 2022

Physics 0140 / 0150 (formerly 140 / 150); Principles I (Calculus Based Mechanics), Spring 2018, Spring 2019

Physics 5501 (formerly 501);  Topics in Research (One Guest Lecture per Semester), Fall 2017, Fall 2018, Fall 2019, Fall 2020, Fall 2021, Fall 2022

Selected Publications

J.J. Heckman, M. Hubner, E. Torres, and H.Y. Zhang, "The Branes Behind Generalized Symmetry Operators," (accepted in Fortsch. Phys.) hep-th/2209.03343.

J.J. Heckman, "Extra W-Boson Mass from a D3-Brane," Phys. Lett. B833 137387 (2022) hep-ph/2204.05302.

J.J. Heckman, A.P. Turner, and X. Yu, "Disorder Averaging and its UV (Dis)Contents,"
Phys. Rev. D105 8, 086021 (2022) hep-th/2111.06404.

A. Debray, M. Dierigl, J.J. Heckman, and M. Montero, "The anomaly that was not meant IIB," Fortsch. Phys. 70 2100168 (2022) hep-th/2107.14227.

M. Dierigl and J.J. Heckman, "On the Swampland Cobordism Conjecture and Non-Abelian Duality Groups," Phys. Rev. D103 6, 066006 (2021) hep-th/2012.00013.

J.J. Heckman, C. Lawrie, L. Lin, J. Sakstein, and G. Zoccarato, "Pixelated Dark Energy," Fortsch. Phys. 67, No. 11 1900071 (2019) hep-th/1901.10489.

J.J. Heckman, C. Lawrie, L. Lin, and G. Zoccarato, "F-theory and Dark Energy," Fortsch. Phys. 67, No. 10 1900057 (2019) hep-th/1811.01959.

J.J. Heckman and L. Tizzano, "6D Fractional Quantum Hall Effect," JHEP 05 120 (2018) hep-th/1708.02250.

F. Apruzzi, F. Hassler, J.J. Heckman, and I.V. Melnikov, "From 6D SCFTs to Dynamic GLSMs," Phys. Rev. D96 066015 (2017) hep-th/1610.00718.

M. Del Zotto, J.J. Heckman, P. Kumar, A. Malekian, and B. Wecht, "Kinetic Mixing at Strong Coupling,'' Phys. Rev. D95 016007 (2017) hep-ph/1608.06635.

F. Apruzzi, F. Hassler, J.J. Heckman, and I.V. Melnikov, "UV Completions for Non-Critical Strings,'' JHEP 07 045 (2016) hep-th/1602.04221.

J.J. Heckman, "750 GeV Diphotons from a D3-brane,'' Nucl. Phys. B906 231-240 (2016) hep-th/1512.06773.

J.J. Heckman, D.R. Morrison, T. Rudelius, and C. Vafa, "Atomic Classification of 6D SCFTs,'' Fortsch. Phys. 63 468-530 (2015) hep-th/1502.05405.

J.J. Heckman, D.R. Morrison, and C. Vafa, "On the Classification of 6D SCFTs and Generalized ADE Orbifolds,'' JHEP 05 028 (2014) hep-th/1312.5746.

J.J. Heckman, "Particle Physics Implications of F-Theory,'' Ann. Rev. Nuc. Part. Sci. 60 237 (2010) hep-th/1001.0577.

C. Beasley, J.J. Heckman, and C. Vafa, "GUTs and Exceptional Branes in F-theory - II: Experimental Predictions,'' JHEP 01 059 (2009) hep-th/0806.0102.

C. Beasley, J.J. Heckman, and C. Vafa, "GUTs and Exceptional Branes in F-theory - I,'' JHEP 01 058 (2009) hep-th/0802.3391.

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