Rebecca Kamen

Rebecca Kamen is a white individual with short gray hair and purple glasses, she has her arms folded over her chest and is wearing a black long sleeved shirt while standing in front of abstract art that is little blue tendrils over white.
Visiting Scholar

Visiting Scholar


Rebecca holds an MFA in Sculpture awarded from:  Rhode Island School of Design

Research Interests

As a sculptor and lecturer on the intersections of art and science, I seeks ‘the truth’ through observation. My artwork is informed by wide-ranging research into cosmology, history, philosophy, and by connecting common threads that flow across various scientific fields to capture and re-imagine what the scientists see.  Prior art installations have been inspired by the patterns created and revealed in micro and macro complexity systems.  I am currently investigating the relationship of curiosity, cognition, and the creative process in art and science for the development of new artwork and for an exhibition.

Rebecca’s primary mentor is Professor Vijay Balasubramanian

Selected Publications