Larry Gladney

Professor of Physics and Astronomy

At Penn since 4/85

Phone: (215)-898-4683
Fax: (215)-898-8512
Rm. 2W11 David Rittenhouse Lab.
209 S. 33rd St
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6396


Research Interests

One of the deepest mysteries in physical science is the origin of the apparent accelerated expansion of the universe. The generic term given to what appears to be an "anti-gravity" for the cosmos is "dark energy". Designing the optimal experiment to explore the nature of dark energy and thereby possibly understand what it is is the goal of the SNAP collaboration. We will do this by measuring the expansion history of the universe over much of its lifetime. You can find out more about what Penn is doing on this project here.

Teaching Interests

The list of courses I have taught at Penn is available here along with links to Web-based resources for each course. Many of the links for past courses need permission to be viewed. They are available upon request.

I also have a number of teaching modules published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Online Mathematics and its Applications ( by the Mathematical Association of America.

I also have an online textbook written with Dennis DeTurck that treats calculus and mechanics as a combined course.


The list is too long to place here. See my CV below for a partial list.

Curriculum Vitae

The version updated as of May 1 2010, is here.

Last updated: 5/01/2010