Astro Seminar: "Early Weak Lensing Results from the Dark Energy Survey"

Wed, 09/09/2015 - 14:00 - 16:00
Mike Jarvis (UPenn)

I will present some of the recent results from the weak lensing analysis of the Dark Energy Survey (DES) science verification data. The science verification (SV) data used the same telescope and camera as the full DES is using, but the data were taken the year prior to the start of the DES.  I will present some of the suite of null tests we used to look for systematic errors in the shear values, showing that the shear catalogs are reliable enough to use for science.  Then I will show some science results from these data including mass maps, cosmology constraints, and trough lensing.  I will also point out some of the algorithmic improvements we have planned to meet the more stringent demands of the full five-year DES analysis.