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This page includes information on the Penn's development of the ASDQ daughter board for the COT (Central Outer Tracker) for the upgrade run of CDF.

In the summer of 1999 we were in full production and testing of the COT ASDQ daughter boards.

We also did a thermal study of COT ASDQ daughter boards in 1998. To see the results go to ASDQ thermal studies page

ASDQ chip - Photographs showing a decapped ASDQ chip magnified as seen through microscope.

ASDQ ASIC home page at Penn

The ASDQ daughter board schematic from July 1999. ASDQ schematic
July 1999

ASDQ2 stuffing diagrams, top (July 26, 1999) and bottom (June 28, 1999), and the parts list (not updated).



ASDQ2-parts-April99.ps (not updated to June 28)

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