2012 Graduation

Jennifer Dailey SAS Graduation Student Speaker

Jennifer DaileyJennifer Dailey, a major in physics with a concentration in chemical principles, has been selected as the 2012 Penn Arts and Sciences Graduation student speaker. Dailey, who is a Benjamin Franklin Scholar and University Scholar, has an extensive track record of accomplishment in science, including working in the lab of Physics Professor A.T. Charlie Johnson since her freshman year and co-authoring two scientific papers.


New NSF 2012 fellows

Matt HickmanGraduate student Matt Hickman, who works in the Drndic Lab, received a 2012 NSF Graduate Student Fellowship. Matt's journey took him from high energy physics to his new passion for single molecule biophysics experiments using graphene nanopores.
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Rachel CaneGraduate student Rachel Cane also received a 2012 NSF Graduate Student Fellowship. Rachel works in the Sako group on Type 1a supernova cosmology. Rachel is also actively involved in several teaching and outreach projects.
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