Congratulations to Professor Masao Sako, Awarded 2015 Lindback Award AND 2015 Charles Ludwig Distinguished Teaching Award!

Congratulations to Professor Sako, the recipient of this highest of teaching honors. The Lindback award serves as recognition for teaching excellence. We applaud Professor Sako's extraordinary commitment to the education of our students. Other winners of this award will be honored at a School-wide reception on Monday, April 27 at 5:00 p.m. in Houston Hall, 3417 Spruce Street.

We also congratulate Professore Sako on being the recipient of the 2015 Charles Ludwig Distinguished Teaching Award of Arts & Sciences created by the College Alumni in memory of their long-time president.

Eli Burnstein Lecture on Soft Materials: "Physics to Physiology via Computing (March 24, 2014)

A lecture on Soft Materials provided by Professor Michael L. Klein of Temple University. For more information, please visit the 'Events' section.

Professor Charlie Johnson Makes Big Moves in a Small Science

Johnson, a professor of physics, has a career that has ranged from the basic science of nanomaterials through some very practical applications of them. He has pioneered and commercialized manufacturing techniques that make mass production of graphene for research and other uses possible, continues to pin down the mechanisms underlying the tiny materials’ properties, and has worked to incorporate biology and chemistry with nanotech in ways that could offer big steps forward in everything from health diagnostics to environmental monitoring. Small, it turns out, is getting big…

Post-doctoral Fellow, Toen Castle, to Give Us an Introduction to Kirigami

Kirigami is the cool and lazy cousin of origami – where you use cutting and rejoining as well as folding to create a 3D structure from a flat 2D sheet.

Physics Professor Philip Nelson Expands on New Textbook, "Physical Models of Living Systems" in SAS Frontiers Interview

Professor Nelson as quoted:

"I didn't feel there was a book that really spoke to Physics students about why this subject might be interesting to them... There was a gap there." A textbook is a daunting proposition for any academic, one that involves putting other research on hold...

Professor Marija Drndic Selected as a Penn Fellow!

Physics and Astronomy Professor Drndic has been chosen as a Penn Fellow for the next two years. The Penn Fellows program is designed to provide a select group of developing campus leaders with an opportunity to build University-wide networks, think strategically about higher education, and learn more about Penn and its programs by interacting informally with members of the University’s executive team.

Information about the current Fellows is listed at