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Astronomy Seminar: Assembly bias of cosmic neutral hydrogen with neural networks and symbolic regression

Jay Wadekar (NYU)

Hydrodynamic simulations have a huge computational cost (~10 million CPU hours for 0.001 Gpc^3 volume), and cannot therefore be directly used in predictions for upcoming cosmological surveys which…

Astronomy Seminar: Illuminating the halo-galaxy connection: from theory to observations

Antonio Montero-Dorta (Sao Paulo)

Understanding the complex relations between galaxies and their hosting dark-matter halos is important for theories of galaxy formation and evolution and for the extraction of cosmological…

Astronomy Seminar: Science with XRISM: Resolving the Nature of the Energetic Cosmos

Koji Mukai (GSFC)

The X-Ray Imaging and Spectroscopy Mission (XRISM), an international JAXA/NASA collaboration including participation from ESA, will be an advanced X-ray observatory capable of carrying out a science…

Astronomy Seminar: Multi-messenger cosmology: A new frontier

Suvodip Mukherjee (Amsterdam)

The discovery of astrophysical gravitational waves has opened a new avenue to explore the cosmos using transients. I will discuss a few new frontiers in the field of physical cosmology and…