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Astronomy and Astrophysics Seminar: An Update on the Progress of EDGES

Steven Murray (Arizona State)
- Zoom

EDGES reported the first evidence of star formation in the high-redshift Universe (z~18) in 2018 (Bowman et al, 2018; hereafter B18). The extraordinary depth and flattened profile of the reported…

Astronomy and Astrophysics Seminar: A Dynamical Synthesis of Planetary Systems

Malena Rice (Yale)
- DRL 4C6

Dynamics provides a powerful tool to unify the various components of a planetary system. By studying the interactions between these components, it is possible to unveil a system’s evolutionary history and…

Astronomy Seminar: "The Peril and Promise of Three-Dimensional Planets"

Emily Rauscher (University of Michigan)

Much to the consternation of spherical cows everywhere, planets are three-dimensional objects. As we try to measure properties of their atmospheres, it may be inappropriate to pretend…

Astronomy Seminar: How to Find an Earth

Megan Bedell (Flatiron)

The detection of an Earth twin (an Earth-mass planet orbiting a Sun-like star within the habitable zone) has recently become feasible for the first time thanks to advances in observational…

Astronomy Seminar: Detection and Characterization of M-dwarf Planets with Next Generation Instruments

Guðmundur Kári Stefánsson (Princeton)

Abstract: Planets orbiting nearby M-dwarfs—the most numerous stars in the galaxy and our nearest stellar neighbors—are advantageous for detailed characterization. The…