Past Events

Astronomy seminar: "Exploring the Connection between Galaxies and their Supermassive Black Holes"

Vicki Sarajedini (Florida Atlantic University)
- David Rittenhouse Laboratory, A6

Active Galactic Nuclei (AGNs) are galaxies currently accreting significant amounts of material onto their central super massive black holes and may mark an important phase of galaxy evolution…

Advances in Biomedical Optics seminar series: "Human Brain Interferometers for Better Blood Flow Monitoring"

Vivek Srinivasan (University of California Davis)
- 1212/1213, CHOP Buerger Center for Advanced Pediatric Care, 3500 Civic Center Blvd.

Physics and Astronomy Colloquium: "Quantifying Hidden Order Out of Equilibrium"

Paul Chaikin (New York University)
- David Rittenhouse Laboratory, A8

We introduce a simple idea enabling the quantification of organization in non-equilibrium and equilibrium systems, even when the form of order is unknown: 'It takes less information to describe an ordered…

Condensed and Living Matter Seminar: "Bacterial swimming: internal clock and fluid environment"

Nuris Figueroa-Morales (Penn State University)
- David Rittenhouse Laboratory, A6

Bacterial suspensions are ubiquitous in naturally occurring and man-made scenarios. Their transport determines how infections spread and microbiota organize in guts or in soils. In addition, bacteria can turn common…

High Energy Theory seminar

Simon Ross (Durham University)
- David Rittenhouse Laboratory, 2N36

Condensed and Living Matter Seminar: "Fluid-structure interactions for energy and climate"

Ching-Yao Lai (Columbia University)
- David Rittenhouse Laboratory, A6

Understanding the interactions between soft structures and fluid flows is critical for a broad range of applications including energy, biotechnology, geophysics, and climate science. When fluid flows through a…

Mathematical Biology seminar: "Making Bayesian phylogenetics like training a neural network"

Erick Matsen (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center)
- Tedori Family Auditorium, Levin Building, 425 S University Ave.

Bayesian posterior distributions on phylogenetic trees remain difficult to sample despite decades of effort. The complex discrete and continuous model structure of trees means that recent inference…

Condensed and Living Matter Seminar: "Deconstructing how cellular interactions ensure robust morphogenesis"

Hannah Yevick (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
- David Rittenhouse Laboratory, A4

Correct tissue shape is essential for its proper function. It is therefore crucial that a developing tissue robustly assembles into its target structure. To change shape, cells within a tissue must exert…

Astronomy seminar: "Lensing and Delensing: Results and Updates from BICEP/Keck and the South Pole Telescope"

Kimmy Wu (University of Chicago)
- David Rittenhouse Laboratory, A6

Gravitational lensing of the cosmic microwave background (CMB) encodes information from the low-redshift universe. Therefore, its measurement is useful for constraining cosmological parameters…

Condensed and Living Matter Seminar: "Odyssey in the Critical Landscape: Quantum Phase Transitions beyond the Landau Paradigm"

Zhen Bi (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
- David Rittenhouse Laboratory, A6

Phase transitions are among the most complex and intriguing phenomena in physics. The Landau-Ginzburg-Wilson-Fisher theory of phase transitions, associated with the onset of a spontaneously broken…