High Energy Theory Seminar: "TBA"

Alberto Nicolis (Columbia University)
- David Rittenhouse Laboratory, 3C6

High Energy Theory Seminar: "The Callan Rubakov Effect"

T. Daniel Brennan (University of California San Diego)
- David Rittenhouse Laboratory, 3C6

The Callan Rubakov Effect describes the interaction between (massless) fermions and a smooth monopole in 4d gauge theory. In this scenario, the fermions can probe the UV physics inside the monopole core which leads…

Condensed Matter Seminar: Roller-Coaster in a Flatland: Magnetoresistivity in Eu-intercalated Graphite

Dr. Sasha Chernyshev (University of California, Irvine)
- David Rittenhouse Laboratory, A4

Novel phenomena in magnetically-intercalated graphite has been a subject of much research in the 1980s, with the most enigmatic findings of that era being a dramatic, roller-coaster-like behavior of the…

Science on the Menu

Arnold Mathijssen, Assistant Professor of Physics
- Xfinity Live, 1100 Pattison Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19148

Penn Arts & Sciences is collaborating with…

Colloquium: Quantum Hall physics in a quantum Foucault pendulum

Richard Fletcher (MIT)
- David Rittenhouse Laboratory, A4

When charged particles are placed in a magnetic field, the single-particle energy states form discrete, highly-degenerate Landau levels. Since all states within a Landau level have the same energy,…

High Energy Theory Seminar: The Power of Lorentzian Wormholes

Jorritt Kruthoff (IAS)
- David Rittenhouse Laboratory, 3C6

As shown by Louko and Sorkin in 1995, topology change in Lorentzian signature involves spacetimes with singular points, which they called crotches. We modify their construction to obtain Lorentzian semiclassical…

Experimental Particle Physics Seminar: The mystery of cold noise in ATLAS upgrade silicon strip modules

Ian Dyckes (LBNL)
- David Rittenhouse Laboratory, 2C8

In preparation for the High Luminosity LHC, the ATLAS Experiment is constructing a new Inner Tracker (ITk) composed of silicon pixel and silicon strip detectors.  After multiple years of prototyping, the ITk strips…

Condensed Matter Seminar: Cell motility and shape as a playground for physics

Brian Camley (Johns Hopkins University)
- David Rittenhouse Laboratory, A4

Cells crawl and reorganize in the body to perform their functions, ranging from white blood cells finding bacteria to skin cells closing over a wound. These behaviors provide huge opportunities for…

High Energy Theory Seminar: Probing dark matter with cosmic voids

Elena Pinetti (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory)
- David Rittenhouse Laboratory, 3C6

In this talk, I will explain why cosmic voids are an interesting new target for dark matter searches. I will show that the expected signal-to-noise ratio resulting from decaying dark matter is significantly more…

Astrophysics Seminar: Looking at the sky with artificially intelligent eyes

Gautham Narayan (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign)
- David Rittenhouse Laboratory, 4E19

Time-domain astrophysics is entering a golden age with discovery rates increasing exponentially thanks to combining public and private surveys such as the Young Supernova…