Past Events

Advances in Biomedical Optics seminar series: "Traumatic Brain Injury and the Glymphatic System"

Kent Werner (Johns Hopkins University}
- Dripp Library, 5th floor Dulles Pavilion, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, 3400 Spruce Street

Condensed and Living Matter Seminar: "Magnetic quadrupole moment in crystals"

Di Xiao (Carnegie Mellon University)
- David Rittenhouse Laboratory, A4

The essence of an in-medium formulation of electromagnetism is the use of electric and magnetic multipole moment to characterize the intrinsic charge and current densities, which has wide applications in…

Astronomy seminar: "Constraining Supernova Explosions with Kepler's High-Cadence Lightcurves"

Armin Rest (STSCI)
- David Rittenhouse Laboratory, A6

Despite the expanding set of SNe discovered in recent surveys like PS1, ZTF, ATLAS, and ASAS-SN, several fundamental questions remain of the…

Joint High Energy Theory/Experiment seminar

Andre de Gouvea (Northwestern University)
Location TBA

Special High Energy Theory seminar

Jnan Maharana (IOP Bhubaneswar)
- David Rittenhouse Laboratory, 4N12

Condensed and Living Matter Seminar: "Adventures in Floquet synthetic dimensions: from topological energy pumping to majorana multiplexing"

Gil Rephael (California Institute of Technology)
- David Rittenhouse Laboratory, A4

Periodic drives can effectively change the dimensionality of the system, and give rise to new phenomena. In my talk I will first show how such drives could be used to make a single spin reproduce the…

Astronomy seminar: "High-redshift astrophysics using every photon"

Patick Breysse (CITA)
- David Rittenhouse Laboratory, A6

Large galaxy surveys have dramatically improved our understanding of astrophysics and cosmology in the high-redshift universe, but they are fundamentally limited by the need to integrate…

Special High Energy Theory seminar

Laura Johnson (Case Western University)
- David Rittenhouse Laboratory, 4N12

High Energy Theory seminar

Joshua Ruderman (New York University)
- David Rittenhouse Laboratory, 2N31

Mathematical Biology seminar: “Water Dynamics in Cells and Tissues"

Sean Sun (Johns Hopkins University)
- Tedori Family Auditorium, Levin Building, 425 S University Ave.

The mammalian cell surface is highly permeable to water. The cell can also actively control the water flux across the cell surface by pumping solutes (mostly ions), and thereby controlling the cell water…