Upcoming Seminars

Mathematical Biology seminar: "From Cell polarity to intracellular networks in single and collective cell motility"

Leah Edelstein-Keshet (University of British Columbia)
- See Zoom link below

Cell migration plays a central role in embryonic development, wound healing and immune surveillance. In 2008, Yoichiro Mori, Alexandra Jilkine and I published a model for the initial step of cell migration, the front…

Condensed and Living Matter Seminar: "Robotics as an Interface to the Natural World"

M. Ani Hsieh (Department of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics, University of Pennsylvania)
- See Zoom link below

Robotics and autonomous systems enable us to interact more richly and extensively with the world we live in. Robots provide in-situ monitoring of the environments they are immersed in and can adapt their strategies…

Condensed and Living Matter Seminar: "Curious Electrostatics in Concentrated Electrolytes"

Susan Perkin (Physical & Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory, Oxford University)
- See Zoom link below

An electrolyte is a substance containing mobile ions. Electrolytes are within us and surround us at every scale: they mediate molecular processes in all living systems, they fill the phone batteries in our pockets,…

Condensed and Living Matter Seminar: "Tiny Robots"

Mark Miskin (University of Pennsylvania)
- See Zoom link below

After 50 years of Moore’s law, it’s now possible to pack nearly 1 million transistors in the space of a paramecium, enabling tiny systems for sensing, communication, and computation. This radical miniaturization of…

Physics and Astronomy Colloquium: "TBA"

Alessandro Vespigiani (Northeastern University)
- Zoom link to follow

Past Seminars

Condensed and Living Matter Seminar: "Actin dynamics regulate spatial mixing of mitochondria in dividing cells"

Erika Holzbaur (Department of Physiology, University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine)
- See Zoom link below

Symmetric cell division requires the even partitioning of genetic information and cytoplasmic contents between daughter cells. While the mechanisms coordinating the replication and segregation of the genome have been…

Rittenhouse Lecture: "Exoplanets and the Search for Biosignature Gases"

Sara Seager (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Thousands of exoplanets are known to orbit nearby stars and small rocky planets are established to be common.  Driving the field of exoplanet characterization is the study of exoplanet atmospheres, with the eventual…

Condensed and Living Matter Seminar: "The thermodynamics and electrokinetics of 'blue' energy"

René van Roij (Institute for Theoretical Physics, Utrecht University)
- See Zoom link below

With every litre of fresh river water that flows into the salty sea, an amount of 2kJ of (free) energy is dissipated, i.e. the equivalent of a waterfall of 200m. With present-day membranes and porous nanomaterials…

Mathematical Biology seminar

William Bialek (Princeton University)
- Tedori Family Auditorium, Levin Building, 425 S University Ave.

High Energy Theory seminar

Gary Shiu (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
- David Rittenhouse Laboratory, 2N36