High Energy Theory Seminar: Perturbations of Gibbons-Maeda Black Holes in Einstein-Maxwell-Dilaton Theories

Christopher Pope (Texas A&M University)
- | David Rittenhouse Laboratory, 3W2
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The study of perturbations around black hole backgrounds in general relativity and Einstein-Maxwell theory has a long history, going back to Regge and Wheeler in the 1950s. In view of more recent developments in string theory and M-theory, it is also of interest to study the perturbations around black hole backgrounds in supergravity. This is a much more complicated problem than in pure gravity or Einstein-Maxwell theory, owing to the presence of additional scalar and Maxwell fields that couple to the gravitational degrees of freedom. As part of our ongoing program to study these questions, we shall describe here our results for the perturbations of the Gibbons-Maeda static black holes in Einstein-Maxwell-Dilaton theory.