Mathematical Biology Seminars

Upcoming Mathematical Biology Seminars

Mathematical Biology seminar: TBA

Andreas Buttenschoen (University of British Columbia)


Past Mathematical Biology Seminars

Mathematical Biology seminar: "Multiscale inference and modeling of cell fate via single-cell data"

Qing Nie (University of California, Irvine)

Cells make fate decisions in response to dynamic environmental and pathological stimuli as well as cell-to-cell communications.  Recent technological breakthroughs have enabled to gather data in…

Mathematical Biology seminar: "Population Dynamics in Changing Environments"

Mark Lewis (University of Alberta)

Classical population dynamics problems assume constant unchanging environments. However, realistic environments fluctuate in both space and time. My lecture will focus on the analysis of population dynamics in…

Mathematical Biology seminar: "Understanding the role of phenotypic switching in cancer drug resistance"

Jasmine Foo (University of Minnesota)
- See Zoom link below

Recent findings suggest that cancer cells can acquire transient resistant phenotypes via epigenetic modifications and other non-genetic mechanisms. Although these resistant phenotypes are eventually…

Mathematical Biology seminar: "Antagonistic motor protein dynamics in contractile ring structures"

Adriana Dawes (Ohio State University)

Ring-shaped contractile structures play important roles in biological processes including wound healing and cell division. Many of these contractile structures rely on motor proteins called myosins…

Mathematical Biology seminar: "Modeling and measuring pattern formation in zebrafish skin"

Alexandria Volkening (Northwestern University)

Wild-type zebrafish (Danio rerio) are characterized by black and yellow stripes, which form on their body and fins due to the self-organization of thousands of pigment cells. Mutant zebrafish and sibling…