Penn physics research featured on DOE website

The work of Prof. Andrea Liu, her graduate student Carl Goodrich, and U. of Chicago collaborator Sid Nagel, is featured on the Department of Energy Office of Science homepage.  The work introduces the novel concept of an anticrystal - a theoretical solid that is completely disordered - as the basis for understanding the properties of real materials.  This work is also featured on the Penn research news site.

P&A Graduate students made Pawling Fellow

Graduate students Steven Gilhool and Joseph Reichert have been named to 2013-14 Ella N. Pawling Fellowships.  This fellowship supports the academic pursuits of meritorious graduate students in the School of Arts and Sciences.

P&A grad student made Tyndale Fellow

Graduate student Jing Cai has been named Hector Tyndale Fellow 2013-2014.  This fellowsihp supports the academic pursuits of meritorious graduate students in the School of Arts and Sciences.

Euclid-LSST-WFIRST meeting at Penn

Leaders of the 3 next-generation dark energy experiments, the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST), Euclid, and the Wide-Field Infrared Survey Telescope (WFIRST), meet at Penn on Friday, June 20 to discuss the possibility of joint analysis efforts that would increase the scientific reach of all 3 future experiments.  Prof. Bhuvnesh Jain directs the meeting.

Graphene Frontiers

Prof. Charlie Johnson and his former postdoc Zhengteng Luo formed a company, Graphene Frontiers, to make graphene, a single atom-thick layer of carbon in a hexagonal pattern, in industrial size quantities.  A story on the company is highlighted in Penn News Today.

Congratulations to the Roy and Diana Vagelos Science Challenge Awards for 2014/2015 Recipients


Xingting Gong     Seth C. Koren

Noah A. Rubin      Dahlia R. Klein

Stefan R. Torborg  Allison P. Siegenfeld

Randy Kamien Chair of new APS Topical Group

The APS Topical Group on Soft Matter has just been established.  Prof. Randy Kamien serves as Chair of the new Topical Group until 2016.


Charlie Johnson on NPR's Science Friday

Prof. Charlie Johnson was on NPR's Science Friday on May 16 to talk about graphene, a highly conductive, atomically thin material that has a huge range of possible applications.  The audio recording is here.

Bill Ashmanskas awarded for teaching

Senior Lecturer Bill Ashmanskas received an Excellence in Teaching Award from the Undergraduate program in Architecture on Sunday, May 18.  The award signifies the creative and energetic teaching Bill has done for Phys8 and Phys9, the Physics for Architects courses.

Charlie Johnson featured in TV news piece

Prof. Charlie Johnson is interviewed in an Al Jezeera USA news video segment on detecting ovarian cancer through odor in the blood of patients.  The link to the video and transcription is here.