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Datasqueeze was written by Paul Heiney, who also operates this website.

Heiney is an EmeritusProfessor of Physics at the University of Pennsylvania. He is an author of more than 164 refereed publications, most having to do with x-ray scattering in some form. He is a member of The American Chemical Society, The American Crystallographic Association, and other scientific societies, and is a Fellow of The American Physical Society. Heiney has produced a series of tutorial videos on X-ray scattering techniques.

Datasqueeze was originally written for analysis of x-ray data at the University of Pennsylvania. All versions of the program have been extensively tested at Penn. It is now used in more than 100 laboratories worldwide. For a number of years it was sold at, but since February 2018 it has been available as freeware.

Paul Heiney

Last updated September 4, 2023

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