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We care deeply about individual privacy. The program itself does no tracking and collects no user information, and no attempt is made to profile individuals who browse the web site. Any personally identifiable information that we may obtain in communications with users will be held in confidence. In particular, we will not sell, rent, lease, or give away such information to any commercial entity or private individual.

From time to time we may send out email announcements concerning application upgrades, bug fixes, or other information of interest to Datasqueeze users. You are free to opt out of such mailings at any time, and we do not supply our customer lists to anyone else.

No Surprises! When you download Datasqueeze from our site at, we promise that Datasqueeze is the only product that you will receive--no unwanted toolbars on your browser, and no additional applications.

There are several sites that claim to provide reduced cost or free downloads of Datasqueeze and other software applications. To be sure that the package you receive is free of malware, you should only download Datasqueeze from the official site .

Last updated September 4, 2023

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