HET Seminar: An Introduction to the Lattice-Continuum Correspondence

Djordje Radicevic (Brandeis)

I will describe a simple and explicit way to construct continuum quantum field theories out of finite, nonperturbatively well defined lattice theories. This formalizes decades of intuition, leads to new definitions of various QFT concepts, and provides new insights into phase diagrams, dualities, and inherent limitations of well known QFTs. I will give a gentle formal introduction to this procedure, and will pick a few simple examples to illustrate it. Topics I may discuss (time permitting) include phases of clock models and Abelian gauge theories, the Noether theorem for discrete symmetries, lattice origins of contact terms and induced Chern-Simons actions, global anomalies in lattice QED, and new definitions of supersymmetric QFTs.