Experimental Particle Physics Seminar: The mystery of cold noise in ATLAS upgrade silicon strip modules

Ian Dyckes (LBNL)
- | David Rittenhouse Laboratory, 2C8

In preparation for the High Luminosity LHC, the ATLAS Experiment is constructing a new Inner Tracker (ITk) composed of silicon pixel and silicon strip detectors.  After multiple years of prototyping, the ITk strips community entered the pre-production phase in late-2021.  However, in early 2022, clusters of channels exceeding the noise specification were observed when testing modules at the design operating temperature of -35C.  This observation of “Cold Noise” interrupted pre-production and initiated an extensive investigation into the cause and potential mitigation strategies.  This talk will summarize our current understanding of the Cold Noise mechanism, highlighting the most insightful studies from this year-long investigation.