Experimental Particle Physics Seminars: Higgs boson measurements in the H->WW*->lvlv channel with ATLAS (slides)

Tue, 09/16/2014 - 13:30
Joana Miguens, LIP,Portugal


After the discovery at the LHC, precision measurements of the Higgs boson are essential to determine its nature. The H->WW*->lvlv decay channel offers a sensitive experimental signature. The Higgs resonance mass cannot be reconstructed because of the two neutrinos in the final state. Nonetheless, once the backgrounds are under control, the large H->WW* branching fraction and good signal-to-background ratio provide powerful measurements of the Higgs production and couplings. I will present the analysis and discuss the results from ATLAS on the H->WW*->lvlv channel, based on the full dataset collected during Run-I of the LHC, where an excess of events is observed, providing evidence for the Higgs boson at mH=125GeV.