High Energy Theory seminar: Gluon scattering in AdS from supersymmetric localization

Pietro Ferrero (SCGP)
- | DRL 3C6

I will discuss some of the recent progress made in the computation of holographic correlators describing the scattering of gluons in anti de Sitter space. I will focus in particular on a special AdS_5 model, arising from N D3 branes probing a D7 brane singularity, which is the holographic description of a certain 4d N=2 USp(2N) gauge theory with matter.  The (mass-deformed) partition function of such gauge theory gives a non-perturbative integral constraint that the holographic correlators must satisfy, thus allowing to fix a number of coefficients that cannot be obtained from bootstrap considerations alone. Among our results: we obtain a finite coupling expression for the first higher-derivative corrections in terms of modular functions, we derive the first three orders in the small \alpha’ expansion of the Veneziano amplitude in AdS_5xS^3 and we completely fix a one-loop ambiguity in the gluon amplitude without a reference to the effective action on the D7 branes, which is not known.