Physics on Display

Hundreds of regional junior high and high school students visited Penn’s campus in early January to beat the winter blues—and reds—by watching physics demonstrations about lights and waves.

Simons Fellow (and 2018 Penn PhD graduate) Lisa Tran and the Future of Liquid Crystals

Most familiar in displays, liquid crystals behave in unusual ways that could lead to new developments in science and technology, points out Lisa Tran, a chemical engineer and a member of the Simons Society of Fellows.

The nanotopography of an atomic world

 Marija Drndić offers insights into the structure of atomically thin materials using nanoscale images of 2D membranes.

Solar system exploration Q&A with Cullen Blake

A Q&A with Cullen Blake of the School of Arts and Sciences offers insights on recent astronomy news headlines and on the future of solar system exploration.

Cutting and folding toward innovations in medicine, design, and more

Artist-in-residence Mike Tanis and physicist Randall Kamien use kirigami, literally “cut paper,” to better grasp scientific concepts and to solve real-world challenges.

Prof. Bo Zhen receives a Kaufmann New Investigator Research Grant

Read about Bo Zhen's award to study "non-Abelian gauge field of light."